Do you want to build a gazebo but are struggling to build the right foundation? Mold, rust, and shifting are all common problems for outdoor foundations. With BaseCore, you can create the perfect foundation for your backyard gazebo!

Gazebo Foundation Ideas for DIY

There are many different types of foundations including concrete, brick patio pavers, and cinder blocks. While these are good options, permanent foundations often require porous yet durable materials that won’t crack or shift. Because of this, geocell materials and loose pavers are arguably the best options for foundations.


Concrete is commonly used in foundations and is a good option for warmer, dryer climates. While they are strong and can support heavy loads, concrete slab foundations require lots of maintenance. Concrete often freezes and cracks in cold temperatures which can cause shifting and damage to your gazebo.

Concrete is also difficult to install because pouring concrete is not an easy task and installation often requires specialists.

Brick Patio

Brick patios are good options for gazebo foundations because they are pleasing to look at and can support heavy loads. Similar to concrete, brick can crack and shift over time. This requires lots of maintenance which is unideal.

Foundation options that are similar to brick patios are stone patios. Stone patios are most commonly made from limestone or sandstone and paved with a sand and concrete mortar mixture. Because they can also crack and crumble, patio stone foundations are less ideal.

Cinder Block

Cinder block foundations are common and are especially good for raised gazebos. Because they can be built up high, cinder blocks allow gazebos to sit above the level of the ground. This is good for areas that can flood.
Unfortunately, cinder block foundations often shift and bow under pressure from heavy loads. Similar to concrete, cinder block foundations are difficult to install because they require specialists and often take several days to build.


Geocell is an excellent option for a foundation because it is strong, versatile, and easy to install. Geocell is a heavy-duty material commonly used in outdoor gazebo and hot tub foundations. Unlike concrete and brick, geocell does allow water to drain, preventing cracking. Due to its flexibility, geocell bends and flexes under pressure, instead of breaking or shifting.

Geocell can be filled with any infill material of your choice, and can be made to fit any gazebo. Infill materials include crushed stone, brick chips, pea gravel, and many other small pavers.

Geocell is easy to install; after completing a few simple steps, you can have the perfect gazebo in under a day!

How do I Install a Geocell Foundation?

Geocell foundations are easy to install and can be completed in less than a day! There are only a few simple steps to building your very own gazebo foundation.

Step 1: Prepare the area

The first step to installing your geocell foundation is to prepare the area. Before physically preparing the area, you will need a building permit for your gazebo, which can be easily attained. Building codes can be accessed with help from local contractors.

Once your gazebo has been approved you can prepare by leveling and measuring the area. For a level foundation, be sure to remove all large rocks or roots in the area.

Step 2: Lay the geotextile

The second step to installing your gazebo foundation is to lay the geotextile. Geotextile creates a barrier between the geocell panels and the ground, which prevents moisture from coming up into your foundation. This step can be completed by laying geotextile fabric on your foundation area, and trimming the edges to the perfect size.

Step 3: Lay the geocell

Once your geotextile is in place, you can lay your geocell! To do this, simply expand the panels over the foundation area, and secure them with rebar. It is important to secure your geocell in order to provide the highest level of support to your foundation. You can install our illustrated step-by-step guide for further information.

Step 4: Lay the infill

The final step to creating your gazebo foundation is to lay the infill material of your choice. This can be done by raking and shoveling the infill across the geocell panels. Be sure that each cell is filled to the top. This allows for a level gazebo foundation.

Once your foundation is complete, you can begin installing your new gazebo!

If you are wanting to install your very own geocell foundation but have a few questions, we are here to help! Our team of experts has worked on countless backyard projects!

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