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How it Works

Stabilize and secure your ground ONCE and for ALL

BaseCore™ geocells eliminate erosion and allow for foundations and immediate foot, horse or vehicle traffic mobility. It acts like rebar to reinforce the ground.

This translates to benefits for many areas around your home, barn or farm. The perforation (holes) in the BaseCore™ allow water to move freely without washing out the material, thereby protecting you from sinking, ruts, potholes, runoff and more.

How It Works

BaseCore™ allows for easy do-it-yourself projects around your home or business. Arriving in collapsable panels that can be connected together to accommodate your specific dimensional needs or easily trimmed to precise dimensions. In fact, they can be added on to, removed and reapplied over time as needed.


Protects Your Base from Disappearing

BaseCore™ holds your aggregate material in small cells of plastic, which keeps the material in place and not being pushed down into the sub-base, which creates uneven surfaces.


Reduces Gravel or Infill Material Costs

Using just 3" of BaseCore™, provides you with the same strength as 12" of gravel would without a cellular confinement system like BaseCore™. Save on the cost of gravel and add lifetime rigidity to your backyard base, using the HDPE plastic panels that can be expanded to accommodate areas of all sizes.


Controls Water Flow Preventing Erosion

With its perforations, BaseCore™ helps control the flow of moisture allowing it to be diverted both horizontally away from your base, yet still allowing a portion to be displaced into the ground in a more controlled manner. 

How to Install BaseCore™ geocells

Like all of our products, BaseCore™ is designed to be installed easily without the need for heavy equipment.


Prepare Your Base

Remove any large rock or debris. Lay the BaseCore™ on top of the ground and dig approximately 4-5” to make the BaseCore™ flush with the surrounding ground. Or, utilize a border around the outside edges of the BaseCore™ geocell to protect the edges from being exposed.


Install Geotextile Fabric

It is highly recommended to use a barrier between the panels and ground soil or mud below. Roll the fabric over the entire area where the panels will be positioned. Overlap all edges around the BaseCore™ and each seam between the fabric pieces by approximately 8-12”.


Secure Geocell Panels

Place the panel on the ground and secure the end with 4-6 1/2 rebar stakes (12"). Expand the panel fully and stake the other end. 

BaseCore Geocell

Connect or Trim Panels

 When placing multiple panels together, you can connect them using the included locking clips. If the BaseCore™ is larger than the area needed, you can trim the excess with scissors or a utility knife or only expand it enough to cover the desired area.


Fill Basecore™ Panes

Fill each geocell with angular gravel, extending the amount of gravel approximately 2” above each cell. Once each panel is set and has enough gravel to cover each geocell plus the additional 2”, it can now be driven on by a tractor or other equipment.


Compact Your Surface

Run the compactor slowly over each inch of the space including each edge. If any of the BaseCore™ becomes exposed, add more gravel and compact it.

How Strong are BaseCore™ Geocells?

BaseCore™ is made of an extremely thick gauge high density polyethylene (HDPE) giving it excellent resistance to all common elements found in soils as well as protection against ultraviolet degradation.

The BaseCore™ geocell features a very high tensile strength to withstand large amounts of lateral force and is effective in all climates. It is engineered to support the use of military equipment, semi-trucks, heavy foot traffic and, of course, your horses.

How it Works


Cell Measurement

Collapsed Dimension

Collapsed BC HD

Expanded Dimension

Expanded BC HD

Expanded Section Dimension

17.5 x 3 in, 9 x 15 cells Expanding Dimension (Theoretical)


Basecore HD

Cell Measurement

Collapsed Dimension

Cell Measurement

Collapsed Dimension

Collapsed BC

Expanded Dimension

Expanded Dimension

Expanded BC

Expanded Section Dimension

11.4 x 3 in, 9 x 15 cells Expanding Dimension (Theoretical)

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