concrete shed foundation pros and cons

Concrete Shed Foundation Pros and Cons

Installing a shed foundation can be a difficult decision, whether it’s your first or 50th backyard project. You must balance durability and cost, and making the wrong tradeoff could cost thousands in portable building or lawn repairs. Pouring concrete or installing a concrete slab will provide a durable foundation for your shed, but that doesn’t […]

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dog anti digging products

Dog Anti Digging Products and Options

You have a beautiful lawn in your cedar fence backyard. Evenly cut, trimmed, and weeded, it’s the perfect place to grill out and throw the frisbee. The only problem: your furry friend won’t stop digging up the grass in several muddy areas. And poor drainage only makes the issue worse. It’s frustrating when your dog […]

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how to build a driveway

How to Build a DIY Driveway

Whether you have a giant plot of rural land or live in a residential property, everyone can use a driveway home improvement. Acres of land can make way for vehicle traffic with an extended driveway that supports your tractors and trucks. This backyard project can cost you a fortune if you don’t choose an affordable […]

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how to build shed base on uneven ground

Building a Shed on Uneven Ground

Most online and company guides explain that you must have even ground to install a backyard shed. That means you won’t be able to start your project without completely-level soil to build on. The problem with this is that no grade is perfect, which means you’ll always deal with some kind of slope or hill. […]

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cheapest shed base

Lifetime Shed Base on a Budget

There’s no better time to get the cheapest base possible for your backyard shed. Construction and material costs skyrocketed after COVID-19 and it’s apparent they aren’t going down any time soon. Instead of waiting for company delays to construct your shed base, you can choose from several DIY options. They are easy and approachable while […]

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diy carport foundation

How to Build a DIY Carport Foundation

Carports can be a sturdy shelter for your extra vehicles and equipment, especially if it’s sitting on a durable foundation. This backyard addition can extend your family’s parking area and make plenty of room for guests. The only trouble is how expensive concrete slabs are and the continual rising of material costs. Unlike what the […]

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best shed base

The 8 Best Shed Bases: Which Type Should I Use?

Shed bases are important purchases since you’re making a long-term investment into your shed and the equipment inside. If you don’t buy a durable and permeable foundation that stabilizes the ground, you could lose thousands. Finding the best shed foundation type is imperative so you don’t have to buy another one. It’s a waste of […]

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how to build a shed base

How to Build a Shed Base

If it’s your first time working with tools, constructing your first shed base can be exciting and nerve-wracking. You can still get lost on how to lay the foundation despite the manufacturer’s instructions. Shed experts will tell you that a successful shed must sit on the right base, otherwise, it will rust or rot due […]

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