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BaseCore Geocell for Gazebos

Enjoy a beautiful gazebo that lasts a lifetime with a tough foundation. You don’t need another cracked base that rots your project.

A Base for Every Gazebo Lifestyle

No matter what gazebo you build, it needs a solid foundation to support the structure’s weight. Boujee outdoor seating, grill-out spots, and football overhangs can rest confidently on BaseCore ground kits. You can relax in your brand-new backyard project and enjoy free time on a trustworthy foundation.

They support all gazebo sizes and inside amenities, such as hot tubs and pool equipment. Don’t worry about building too big a gazebo: our foundation grids can handle farms, driveways, and more. We’ve got you covered with a durable, affordable base to use the gazebo as you please.

geocell for gazebos

Support Elegant Designs

Classic American gazebos and prestigious white vinyl gazebos can sit for ages in your backyard with BaseCore. It’s a durable foundation grid that’s just as strong as pavers and concrete but doesn’t crack due to extreme temperatures. You can trust our flexible foundation grids to keep your work of art standing on even ground.

Infill with your choice of material to reduce costs and spend more on the project’s overall aesthetic. BaseCore also gives you the option to lay decorative pavers on top to decorate your foundation yet have confidence in a sturdy base. The best gazebo foundations make your project dreams come to life and support exquisite backyard structures.

Self-Install Reliable BaseCore Gazebos

Building a gazebo might be your first backyard project. Thankfully, BaseCore geocell makes installing a reliable foundation just as accessible. All you need to do is follow our simple 6-step guide for laying a foundation ground grid. And it won’t take heavy equipment or specialists to do the job.

Grab your partner, kids, or anyone to prepare the subgrade and expand our collapsable geocell panels. Spending thousands on pouring concrete and keeping up with gravel and asphalt maintenance is overrated. We designed BaseCore so everyone can build a durable backyard gazebo without any trouble.

Geocell Foundations Stand Above

Gazebos catch people’s eye the moment they step foot on your property. We believe BaseCore geocell is no different, standing above common market options for bases. It’s a fact that ground grid foundations make for better bases that support gazebos of all kinds for years to come.

Common Foundations For Gazebos
Attributes Basecore Gravel Pavers Concrete Cinder Block
Permeable Group 36 check orange None Group 33 Group 36
Strength Strong Weak Strong Strong Medium
Longevity Durable Short-term Durable Durable Medium
Shifting None Yes Some None Yes
Easy Group 36 check orange Hard Expert check orange
Maintenance No need Reseal every 2-3 years Repair Individual Pavers Check for Cracking Specialist for Cracks
Price $ $ $$$ $$$ Medium

Protect Your Gazebo Investment

We take your second most important consideration seriously when constructing a backyard gazebo: protecting your investment. The average gazebo already runs between $5,000-$9,000, and exquisite amenities only drive the price higher. With a tough BaseCore base, you can prevent future structure deterioration and ground shifting.

The product’s perforation (holes) allow water to travel through, offering natural drainage. Otherwise, rainstorms can rot and rust your wood, metal, and vinyl frames. BaseCore’s interlocking cells disperse lateral pressure, so one area doesn’t absorb all the load support. Your gazebo can stand on firm ground and forget about sinking potential and soil erosion.

Don’t redo work you’ve already done: preserve your backyard gazebo with a permeable and durable base.

BaseCore for All Backyard Bases

Our line of expandable geocells, geotextile fabric, caps, and clips will build a solid foundation for your carport. You can also take advantage of them for any other backyard projects that require bases. We’ve engineered the toughest BaseCore products that protect your investment and make the most out of your budget. Whether you’re considering a shed, playset, driveway, or farm, we’ve got you covered.


BaseCore™ Sheds

Perfect ground support for backyard sheds and structures.


BaseCore™ Carports

Strong and stable supporting all vehicle parking under carports.

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BaseCore™ Playsets

The perfect base for your playground and playsets.


BaseCore HD™ Driveways

Our heavy-duty geocell that supports heavy traffic without ruts.

Geocell for farms

BaseCore HD™ Farm

For multiple uses around the farm in stalls, turnouts, arenas and more.


BaseCore HD™ Parking

Create lifetime parking areas, pads or driveway extensions with ease.

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BaseCore™ Parking Pads

Customizable load support and strength no matter how heavy your vehicle is.

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BaseCore™ Gazebos

Create a big first impression with family and friends under a foundation that lasts.

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BaseCore™ Hot Tubs

Relax on a durable foundation grid that’s cheaper than concrete and lasts 75+ years.

Keep Your Gazebo for a Lifetime

BaseCore helps you construct a strong, do-it-yourself gazebo foundation without paying extra. Ground grid kits help build backyard structures that you and your partner can enjoy as you grow older. Whether a lifestyle or an elegant gazebo, geocell lets you relax on a trustworthy base.

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