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BaseCore™ Geocells for Parking Pads

Enjoy your RV, trailer, and boat for longer with a BaseCore™ foundation that lasts a lifetime. Save thousands by doing it on a permeable parking pad without tearing up your yard.

Permeable Load Support for Parking

Never worry about RV or trailer load support again with a military-proven foundation grid. BaseCore™ geocells are stronger than concrete and have smart weight displacement technology.

By distributing the load over an extended area, they relieve the pressure off of a single spot and disperse it across the entire foundation. The panels relieve lateral movement away from the applied load for a stronger overall base.

Our high-density polyethylene ground grids have perforation (holes) and act like gravel for effective drainage. You can still be confident in your parking pad, even when living in rain-heavy regions or weathering unexpected storms. BaseCore™ foundations are weather-resistant and have natural permeability to stop pooling and potholes.

geocell parking pad

Install Your Dream Driveway

geocell parking pad

We believe it’s wrong to save thousands on tough BaseCore™ panels and pay tenfold for specialists. And you shouldn’t waste money on large mats for backyard parking that don’t work in the long run.

It’s easy to build a geocell parking pad, and our engineers designed the product so you don’t need heavy equipment or installation experts. Depending on the project scope, you can finish the job within a day and even use on-site infill materials to cut hauling costs.

Anyone can lay BaseCore™ for their backyard parking pad, whether it’s their 1st or 50th backyard project. Our 6-step installation guide simplifies installing foundations. All you need are a few general work tools, geotextile fabric, and a compactor to get started.

Vacation and Tow for Longer

When you purchase BaseCore™ for your parking pad, you’re making a lifetime investment into your RV, trailer, or boat. Keep your vehicles running longer and haul larger loads without breaking down by parking on a reliable base that keeps them above ground moisture.


Avoid dozens of wasted tires that rot due to ineffective concrete bases. Our geocell foundation grids ensure moisture accumulation doesn’t occur while stabilizing the ground no matter the pressure. And keep bugs and pests away when they can’t reach your vehicle.

Save Thousands on Vehicle Storage

BaseCore™ eliminates overcharging at storage facilities by building a trustworthy parking pad that performs just as well. Keep thousands in your pocket from marinas and RV parks and put it into more RV trips and more water outings. Your durable parking pad with an HDPE foundation underneath passes local codes, keeping the HOA away for good.

It’s more convenient to pull up into a spacious parking pad rather than clutter the street or cram your driveway or garage. We designed BaseCore to make all the difference with your finances and your family. Choose to build with a geocell foundation that makes sense and creates more space.

Driveways 1
Driveways 2

Store Your RV, Trailer, or Boat Better

It’s no secret that BaseCore™ parking pads better protect your backyard, vehicle, and vacation funds. Distinguishing them between concrete, gravel, and other bases reveals the unique strengths our honeycomb structure brings to the industry. We even recommend our unique geocell panels to engineers for parking lots, retaining walls, and major highways.

It’s your choice whether you want to rely on ineffective foundations or trust in a military-proven load support option.

Common Parking Pads Bases
Attributes Basecore Concrete Asphalt Gravel Dirt
Permeable Group 36 Group 33 Sometimes Group 36 Erosion
Strength Strong Strong Medium Weak None
Longevity Durable Durable Short-term Short-term Unreliable
Easy Group 36 Expert Group 36 Group 36 None
Maintenance Not Needed Check for Cracking Check for Cracking Reseal Every 2-3 Years Erosion
Price $ $$$ $ $ None
Sub-Base No Need Group 36 Group 36 No Need Weak Soil
Settle Time Drive Instantly 28 days 3 days 7 days None

BaseCore™ for All Backyard Bases

Our line of expandable geocells, geotextile fabric, caps, and clips will build a solid foundation for your carport. You can also take advantage of them for any other backyard projects that require bases. We’ve engineered the toughest BaseCore products that protect your investment and make the most out of your budget. Whether you’re considering a shed, playset, driveway, or farm, we’ve got you covered.


BaseCore™ Sheds

Perfect ground support for backyard sheds and structures.


BaseCore™ Carports

Strong and stable supporting all vehicle parking under carports.

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BaseCore™ Playsets

The perfect base for your playground and playsets.


BaseCore HD™ Driveways

Our heavy-duty geocell that supports heavy traffic without ruts.

Geocell for farms

BaseCore HD™ Farm

For multiple uses around the farm in stalls, turnouts, arenas and more.


BaseCore HD™ Parking

Create lifetime parking areas, pads or driveway extensions with ease.

dreamstime_xxl_240763666 1

BaseCore™ Parking Pads

Customizable load support and strength no matter how heavy your vehicle is.

dreamstime_xxl_5790958 1

BaseCore™ Gazebos

Create a big first impression with family and friends under a foundation that lasts.

dreamstime_xxl_71316570 1

BaseCore™ Hot Tubs

Relax on a durable foundation grid that’s cheaper than concrete and lasts 75+ years.

Construct a Stronger Driveway

No matter what vehicle load support you need for your backyard project, BaseCore’s got you covered. You can install a geocell base filled with gravel or other inexpensive infills to last your family a lifetime. Ditch pricey concrete and gravel bases with a driveway foundation that saves you time and money now and down the road.

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