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Geocell 2″ Ground Grid Heavy Duty Stabilizer Kit BaseCoreHD™

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We have the strongest Geocell on the Market, backed by our 10 Year Guarantee!

The heavy-duty 2″ BaseCore HD™ geocell offers superior stability and drainage for patios, walkways, and paths. This compact design minimizes infill material while maximizing strength, all thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction. Create a long-lasting, low-maintenance foundation for your light-use areas with ease. BaseCore HD™ Geocell Specifications:

Cell Dimension 8” x 7.4”
Cell Height 2”
Material Thickness 2.6 mm
Expanded Size 6Ft. x 9Ft. (54 sq. feet)


10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee Badge


Stability around your Home, and Farm.

BaseCore is a durable and permeable DIY foundation for your home, farm, driveways and equestrian areas.

Say goodbye to french drain systems and limestone bases with our unique perforated geo-cell panels that simultaneously does both functions.

Protect your building, pasture, and stall investments by keeping them from sinking, washing, or blowing away with an easy-install foundation. Your horse will thank you later as he trots and trains with confidence.

  • Stops Mud
  • Erosion Control
  • Prevents Sinking
  • Effective on slopes up to 39 degrees
BaseCore Geo-cell

BaseCore is a collapsible geo-cell typically used for roadways or military applications, but we find the same material to be effective for many areas around homes and farms for purposes of driveways, parking pads, shed bases and more. The engineered structure of BaseCore helps spread any applied weight over a greater area.

  • Easy DIY
  • Permeable
  • Durable


BaseCore geo-cells eliminate erosion and allow for foundations and immediate foot, horse or vehicle traffic mobility. It acts like rebar to reinforce the ground.



Provide benefits for many areas around your home, barn or farm. The perforation (holes) in the BaseCore allow water to move freely without washing out the material, thereby protecting you from sinking, ruts, potholes, runoff and more.



Using just 3" of BaseCore, provides you with the same strength as 12" of gravel would without a cellular confinement system like BaseCore. Save on the cost of gravel and add lifetime rigidity to your backyard base, using the HDPE plastic panels that can be expanded to accommodate areas of all sizes.



Protects Your Base from Disappearing BaseCore holds your aggregate material in small cells of plastic, which keeps the material in place and not being pushed down into the sub-base, which creates uneven surfaces.


Simple to Install


BaseCore is designed to be installed easily without the need for heavy equipment.

Our BaseCore grids have quick installation that doesn’t require specialists or heavy equipment. You can put in a stable DIY base for your farm, arena, and more in a single day, depending on the project size. Following our simple 6 steps, you can lay the foundation for a base that makes your farm and equestrian investments last a lifetime.

Required Materials:

  • BaseCore Panels
  • Geotextile Fabric
  • BaseClips
  • Infill Material

Suggested Tools:

  • Hammer & Stakes
  • BaseCaps
  • Shovel, Rake or Tractor
  • Plate or Hand Compactor

Complete Your Installation Kit


Geotextile Fabric

We offer geotextile fabric that is strong, and allows water flow. Nonwoven geotextiles mean that a stronger foundation can be made with fewer materials.



Purchasing several bundles of BaseCore Geo-cell? Use them to connect your expanded BaseCore bundles and ensure your base is strong over the entire area. Pack of 45 connecting clips.



No matter what you’re laying the foundation for, our BaseCaps are universally compatible with all Geo-Cell panels, so you can cover all your stabilization needs.

6 reviews for Geocell 2″ Ground Grid Heavy Duty Stabilizer Kit BaseCoreHD™

  1. Avatar für Ben Koczera

    Ben Koczera

    The product is excellent. I priced out the cost of building a platform (1 Foot rise) in my back yard for a large fire pit surrounded by chairs using Stone Pavers or just Stone. Both options cost above my budget (several thousand dollars in materials) and that is with me doing to work. I found this Geocell BaseCoreHD™ 2″ Ground Grid from Backyard Bases and it is about half the cost of other PVC / Plastic based footing grids. for my project I DONT need the strength to park a car on this material. All the other grids were much more expensive because they were for parking cars on top of. When I spread the material out, its like a webbing that has to be streached out and held into place. You MUST buy ground stakes to secure the grids open as you pull the material open across the coverage area. With ground stakes it was very easy to apply across the entire area for the platform. I used dirt from my backyard (free!) and the grids (when filled with dirt) added the strength needed to walk on the platform and the end result was a very even surface. I finished the project with river stone from a local garden center BUT I only need about an inch of stone material to be decorative so that cut the cost of stone in half! Overall this is a great material if you understand how to use it. My platform is good to go and I had 6 friends over (big guys) walking on the platform and nothing shifted. They were all very impressed with the project savings and they could not tell it was a plastic grid system they were walking on. I searched other sites besides Amazon but I could not find a material this thick and this level of quality for a better price. Very happy with the purchase.

    Image #1 from Ben Koczera
  2. Avatar für Jeff Sheehan

    Jeff Sheehan

    I used this geo grid for my backyard drainage project. I have a pretty good slope in the yard and wanted to prevent any further erosion and go with zero maintenance. I laid down porous fabric then laid the geo grid and filled with 1-1/8 sized crushed limestone for a gorgeous look and an incredibly sturdy erosion prevention and drainage setup. The pieces connect with small buttons that come with and there are 6n inch steel spikes you can use (a box of 200 for $20 on Amazon) do a fine job.

  3. Avatar für Angela


    Used in an area where for 23 years water would stand after rain…soggy fir days. Used this filed with dirt and grass seed now area is elevated no standing water. Brought 3 sections.

  4. Avatar für Steve T

    Steve T

    I’m putting in a paver walkway and have a large slope at one corner and decided to purchase this product to lay under that area for stability. So glad I did. Spread it out, stretched and trimmed to fit the corner and used 6″ galvanized stakes to hold in place. Perfect! Then filled with paver base, sand and and a bit of excavated soil to the height I wanted. Definitely recommend and will be ordering more for addressing an area of erosion off the driveway.

    Image #1 from Steve T
    Image #2 from Steve T
  5. Avatar für Steve


    Great shed base. Super easy and firm and easy to install. Definitely get the fabric layer. I forgot to order this initially and luckily came back to get it but it definitely has helped

  6. Avatar für Mat


    We were very sceptical when we received this. Looked pretty flimsy. We ordered it for a pad for our little Rpod trailer. Once we got them in place, we used path sized crushed rock. Parked the RV on it and held up perfectly!

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