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BaseCore Geocell for Driveways

Return home to a durable driveway that withstands kids and retirement. Have confidence in a permeable, low-cost foundation that naturally prevents holes or cracks.

Save More on Home Driveways

We save you time and money by installing BaseCore driveways at home. Most people spend thousands on maintaining their projects with resealing, replacing pavers, and adding more gravel. With reliable geocell panels, you can shortcut traditional driveway hurdles and spend more on other backyard bases.

BaseCore foundations allow for years of driving without any maintenance or stability issues. You can even excavate the driveway and start anew with the previous foundation without buying more. It’s no question that geocell bases are the toughest money-saving foundations out there.

Do-It-Yourself Driveway

With our easy 6-step installation, anyone can build a reliable driveway for their home or property. You don’t need heavy equipment to tackle the project and can even recycle on-site infill materials. BaseCore driveways are the most accessible foundations available that support whatever you need.

Save more by constructing the driveway yourself and cutting out concrete and asphalt specialists. And you can skip out on traditional do-it-yourself driveway options maintenance that comes with gravel and dirt. All you have to do is expand our collapsable panels, stake them in, and infill for immediate vehicle traffic.

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Trustworthy Curb Appeal

BaseCore gives your circle of neighbors and friends a positive first impression of your home. Driveways immediately catch their eye, and you can impress them with a foundation that supports practicality and design. Our durable bases lay beautiful driveways for years to come that aren’t susceptible to cracking and pooling.

You can install our geocell ground grids along your driveway’s natural contour lines. Some designs make it or break it depending on the landscape, but we’ve got you covered with Basecore. It’s a flexible product with trustworthy curb appeal no matter what driveway you’re building.

Backyard Driveways Rock

There’s no competition for BaseCore as the toughest driveway foundation on the market. We’ve tried concrete and other residential bases and saw repeated poor results on projects that didn’t last. Compare traditional driveway foundations with our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geocell and see why they make for better bases.

Common Driveways Bases
Attributes Basecore Concrete Asphalt Gravel Dirt
Permeable Group 36 Group 33 Sometimes Group 36 Erosion
Strength Strong Strong Medium Weak None
Longevity Durable Durable Short-term Short-term Unreliable
Easy Group 36 Expert Group 36 Group 36 None
Maintenance Not Needed Check for Cracking Check for Cracking Reseal Every 2-3 Years Erosion
Price $ $$$ $ $ None
Sub-Base No need Group 36 Group 36 No need Weak Soil
Settle Time Drive Instantly 28 days 3 days 7 days None

Build BaseCore Driveways Year-Round

While you’re friends and neighbors stop their driveway projects in the winter, you can continue progress with BaseCore. It’s not restricted to warmer weather like concrete and has properties that resist storms and other natural forces. We encourage you to install our durable geocell panels to drive on your project quicker than other bases allow.
UV protection and chemical resistance make BaseCore a tough driveway foundation that lasts a lifetime. You can get 75+ years from our product and trust that it won’t go down easy. Forget concrete and asphalt sealants when our geocell panels do the work for you.

BaseCore Geocell for Driveways
Install Your Dream Driveway

Install Your Dream Driveway

Want to add beautiful pavers for an aesthetic driveway that still solves ground stabilization issues? BaseCore can do the job well by laying underneath each slab, providing natural drainage and durability. Plus, it stops weeds from growing in-between and ground shifting that you’d have with pavers alone.
Don’t pick between an ugly gravel driveway and a gorgeous driveway masterpiece. Choose our military-proven geocell panels to reinforce whatever driveway design you’ve envisioned. You can make your driveway dreams come true and know it’s a reliable piece of work.

Commercial Driveway Base for Engineers

Did you know our BaseCore engineering support staff can assist you with commercial driveway foundations? We consult for civil engineers, landscape companies, and contractors across the globe. And you can receive a professional evaluation within a few hours for your public or private driveway project.
When speaking to our engineers, you receive accurate product testing, methods, and specs. Our job is more than selling you a driveway base: we consult commercial projects to satisfy your clients. You can trust our BaseCore staff to determine whether our HDPE panels are right for your driveway.

geocell parking pad

BaseCore™ for All Backyard Bases

Our line of expandable geocells, geotextile fabric, caps, and clips will build a solid foundation for your carport. You can also take advantage of them for any other backyard projects that require bases. We’ve engineered the toughest BaseCore products that protect your investment and make the most out of your budget. Whether you’re considering a shed, playset, driveway, or farm, we’ve got you covered.


BaseCore™ Sheds

Perfect ground support for backyard sheds and structures.


BaseCore™ Carports

Strong and stable supporting all vehicle parking under carports.

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BaseCore™ Playsets

The perfect base for your playground and playsets.


BaseCore HD™ Driveways

Our heavy-duty geocell that supports heavy traffic without ruts.

Geocell for farms

BaseCore HD™ Farm

For multiple uses around the farm in stalls, turnouts, arenas and more.


BaseCore HD™ Parking

Create lifetime parking areas, pads or driveway extensions with ease.

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BaseCore™ Parking Pads

Customizable load support and strength no matter how heavy your vehicle is.

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BaseCore™ Gazebos

Create a big first impression with family and friends under a foundation that lasts.

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BaseCore™ Hot Tubs

Relax on a durable foundation grid that’s cheaper than concrete and lasts 75+ years.

Construct a Stronger Driveway

No matter what vehicle load support you need for your backyard project, BaseCore’s got you covered. You can install a geocell base filled with gravel or other inexpensive infills to last your family a lifetime. Ditch pricey concrete and gravel bases with a driveway foundation that saves you time and money now and down the road.

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