Do you want to create a backyard playset for your kids but don’t want to hire specialists? Don’t worry! With this simple five-step guide, you can install the perfect playset as a quick and easy do-it-yourself project!

Step One: Prepare the Area

The first step to installing your playset is to prepare the area. The best areas for playsets are large open spaces with little to no obstacles. Once you have found the best spot, define it by marking it off with string or other preferred markers.

After you have designated your spot, you will want to measure the dimensions. Making sure your playset fits the dimensions of your chosen area is key. You can measure by simply using a measuring tape.

Step Two: Level the Area

The second step to installing your playset is to level the desired area. It is important to ensure that your playset foundation is level. Uneven ground can make for uneven playsets and lots of mud, which isn’t fun.
Leveling the ground can be done by using shovels or rakes to dig out higher areas and fill in lower areas. The main purpose of leveling the area is to create a level playset, and to prevent the formation of puddles and mud. Because it will be covered with infill and geocell, the area does not need to be perfectly level.

Step Three: Install Geocell Foundation

The third step to installing your playset is to install your geocell foundation. The geocell will protect concrete post anchors and infill material, from erosion and cracking. Installing geotextile under your geocell is highly recommended as it provides a barrier between soil and geocell panels. To install geotextile fabric, simply lay the fabric out, covering the area in which you want to lay geocell. After laying the geotextile, you can anchor and lay your geocell panels. You can use our guide for a visual installation reference. After you have installed your geocell, you are ready to install your playset!

Step Four: Install Your Playset

The fourth step, and most exciting step, is to install your playset! Playsets require concrete anchors which can be poured onto your geocell. Because geocell flexes and bends under pressure, it will not be damaged by the concrete or playset and swing beams. All playsets are different so it is important to follow the specific installation directions listed on the playset. Once you have installed your playset, it is time to complete the finishing touches!

Step Five: Lay Infill Material

The final step to installing your playset is to lay your infill material. Loose infill materials such as wood mulch, rubber mulch, and pea gravel are best for playsets. Since kids can be clumsy, softer materials are ideal for playsets. To install, simply pour your infill material onto the geocell and rake into the cells. The geocell should be fully covered by a layer of infill material. Infill on the playground surface will spread out over time, and can be refilled easily. Once you have installed surfacing material, your backyard playground is ready for your kids!

If you are ready to create your perfect play area but have a few questions, we are here to help.
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