Adding a carport to your property is a worthwhile investment that provides extra protection for your vehicles and increases the overall value of your home. But that doesn’t mean all carport structures are created equal. Between steel carports and wooden carports, it can be challenging to determine which option is the best fit for your needs.

In this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about wood vs. metal carport buildings, so that you can kickstart your next project with confidence.

What Is The Cost Difference Between Wood & Metal Building Material?

The first thing you’ll need to consider before building your carport is your budget.

After all, construction projects typically come with a wide range of price options. And on average, metal or steel carports are significantly more cost-effective than their wooden counterparts. That’s because the building materials used for a metal roof often come pre-assembled, which can reduce your need for expensive equipment.

Additionally, a wooden structure will likely come with more maintenance costs over the long term. Since wood is subject to becoming damaged in harsh weather conditions, you may need to spend more money on repairs later down the line, if you choose this option.

What About Assembly Times?

As we’ve mentioned, metal carports usually come in pre-assembled pieces, which cuts back on the amount of time you’ll need to budget for completing your project. This also makes steel carports a great option for those with less construction experience. For example, the metal pieces for your carport can be delivered perfectly pre-cut, so you won’t have to worry about creating exact measurements on your own.

In contrast, wood carports require a bit more construction experience in their assembly process. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to carefully execute all of the elements of your wood structure, which can be very time-consuming and lead to more wasted materials.

Are There Any Site Preparation Differences?

Aside from the convenience that pre-assembled metal building material can provide, there aren’t many drastic differences in the site preparation process for wood vs. metal carports.

In both cases, you’ll need to clear and level your surface area, so that the foundation of your carport is as even as possible. You’ll also need to consult with local building authorities to ensure that your project is compliant with any local rules and regulations.

Which Material Is More Durable?

When it comes to building a strong and durable carport, steel carports are hands down the best option. That’s because these carports are made from galvanized steel, which is designed to prevent rust and erosion over time.

And where wooden carports come with the risk of rotting, termite infestations, and weather-related erosion, metal carports are built to withstand these elements. So, you can enjoy your steel carport with minimal maintenance in the long term.

Which Carport Requires The Most Upkeep?

As you might have guessed, wood carports come with quite a bit more maintenance costs than metal carports. When you have a wooden structure on your property, you need to be extra close attention to any signs of erosion or damage. This can be due to weather conditions, insects, or general wear and tear.

And while steel carports may need to be examined over time, you’ll be less likely to need year-round upkeep with this type of structure.

Ready To Start Your D.I.Y Carport Project?

No matter what type of carport building material you decide to use, Backyard Bases is here to help you streamline your construction project and create a lasting addition to your property.

Our professional-grade BaseCore GeoCell carport foundations are compatible with both wood and steel carports and come with easy-to-follow installation instructions designed for every skill level.

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