Are you wanting to build a shed for your yard while staying within a budget? Like many home improvement projects, sheds can be expensive, so saving money on the shed site is optimal. Building a shed should be cost effective, which is why BaseCore provides an affordable shed site solution!

Site Preparation

The first few steps of creating your shed site are generally inexpensive. These include obtaining the necessary permits, measuring the area, and leveling the ground. Building permit prices differ between locations, but commonly, sheds under 200 square feet do not require building permits.

The equipment needed for measuring and leveling is usually already at home, but can also be found at the hardware store. Leveling equipment includes shovels and rakes, which can be purchased for under $20. Both measuring and leveling do not require professionals and can be completed by your team of backyard helpers at home.

Site Materials

The more expensive part of building your shed is the materials. Finding the right material for your shed base can be challenging when sticking to a budget. Not only does price depend on the material, it also depends on the size of your site. Shed foundation materials range from crushed rock to concrete slabs, and price can range from $200 to over $2000.

Gravel Pads

Gravel shed pads are usually on the cheaper side. The price of gravel ranges from $1 to $5 per square foot. Because gravel is loose, gravel pads require small barriers around the outside to prevent it from spilling out. These barriers can be made from treated lumber or cinder blocks.

Pressure-treated lumber is more cost-effective, about $15 per plank, than cinder blocks.
Since there are many types of gravel, pricing varies depending on if you are using crushed stone, cinders, or pea gravel.

Concrete Pads

Concrete pads are the most expensive shed bases, ranging from $5 to $10 per square feet. Not only is it costly per square foot, concrete requires professional installation. Professional installation includes a team of workers and a concrete truck. This usually costs between $10 to $20 per square foot, or $30 to $50 per hour.

Because sheds differ in size and weight, concrete bases can often be larger or smaller than standard, therefore differing in price.

BaseCore Geocell Pads

Another shed base option is BaseCore geocell. Geocell is cost effective, only $0.75 per square foot. Each panel covers 200 square feet and can easily be trimmed to perfectly fit your shed base. Because BaseCore geocell acts as a foundation for infill materials, you will not need to purchase as much infill.

Infill materials include loose or permeable pavers like gravel, crushed rocks, or dirt. You can save money by reusing materials already on your property, like dirt or sand.

Although BaseCore geocell is inexpensive, it will last a long time and won’t need to be repaired!

If you are wanting to install your very own geocell foundation but have a few questions, we are here to help! Our team of experts has worked on countless backyard projects!

Backyard Bases proudly supplies businesses and homeowners alike with high quality geocell foundation materials. You can access our FAQ page or contact us directly for further information at (888)897-2224. We look forward to helping you create the perfect foundation for your shed!