There’s no better time to get the cheapest base possible for your backyard shed. Construction and material costs skyrocketed after COVID-19 and it’s apparent they aren’t going down any time soon.

Instead of waiting for company delays to construct your shed base, you can choose from several DIY options. They are easy and approachable while not requiring any specialists or heavy equipment.

Concrete slabs may be the typical foundations you’ve seen doing research or hearing from a company quote. But it will either cost you thousands upfront or require maintenance later.

Check out some of the lifetime shed bases we’ve found that will save you tons of money and support your shed for years to come. These will come in handy when building a shed, whether it’s a plastic shed or other type.

Why You Can’t Lay on Dirt

We understand why you may want to lay your shed on the ground without anything on it. Why would you pay more for a shed concrete foundation when it’s easier to put it straight into your backyard?

What most companies fail to communicate is these structures fall prey to ground moisture, which rots or rusts your buiding over time. It actually ends up costing you more rather than less in the long run.

This is why it’s key to find an all-in-one base that’s durable and affordable. The money you’re saving isn’t just with purchasing the material: it’s also with how long the shed lasts and how it protects your equipment and other items.

The Cheapest Shed Bases

The following foundations are the cheapest ones we’ve identified and some of the best shed bases on the market in general. They each have pros and cons depending on the ground, location, and product description.

We recommend checking all of them out to get a feel for what shed bases have to offer. Then, you can make an informed decision without wasting time or money.

FoundationCostSloped Sites
Timber Frame$No


Most shed builders (and often times the manufacturer) will recommend a gravel pad as a start. We’re all about easy shed foundations and believe anyone can use this crushed stone material when building a storage shed. You can find gravel from a local aggregate supplier or detailer as an accessible product.

Construction Costs


How to Install Gravel

1). Prepare the ground by clearing of debris, rocks, etc.
2). Haul gravel to your backyard
3). Compact ground with hand compactor
4). Lay down gravel into your shed area
5). Compact new gravel surface with hand compactor
6). Set shed ontop of gravel foundation


A geocell type of foundation is a versatile panel system that you install by laying on the ground and filling with aggregate or other material. This affordable product has the strength of concrete without ongoing maintenance costs. Our customers love geocell as a durable and affordable option for their backyard shed projects.

Construction Costs


How to Install Geocell

1). Prepare the ground by clearing of debris, rocks, etc.
2). Expand geocell panels to fit your shed area
3). Connect panels and trim excess with utility knife
4). Fill with gravel, dirt, or other infill material
5). Compact new geocell surface with hand compactor
6). Set shed ontop of geocell foundation


By far, the easiest and cheapest shed base you can install are skids. They support your building at a cheap price and successfully prevent the buttom from rotting or rusting. You can take several 4×6 or larger timbers (depending on the size of the shed), spread them apart, and have an instant shed foundation.

Construction Costs


How to Install Skids

1). Prepare the ground by clearing of debris, rocks, etc.
2). Lay down timber skids in your shed area
3). Set shed ontop of skid foundation

Tiber Frames

Similar to skids, you can construct your own treated lumber structure for a DIY shed base. This option requires carpentry experience but is another option that assembles a cheap upfront foundation for your shed. Plus, you can build the frame to match your shed size and type of shed for less than concrete.

Construction Costs


How to Install Timber Frames

1). Prepare the ground by clearing of debris, rocks, etc.
2). Connect timber pieces and screws with drill
3). Spike wooden frame to the ground with a hammer
4). Set shed ontop of timber frame foundation

The Difficulty with Cheap Shed Bases

We’ve seen numerous clients run into issues when they install affordable shed bases options rather than a concrete pad.

They end up adding more aggregate to the gravel base or do resealing work on a yearly basis. Or even control pests with critters that hide between the cracks of skid and timber foundations below the shed.

It is challenging to find a shed that both is cost-friendly and lasts a lifetime, which is why we recommend geocell to our customers.

Durable & Affordable Sheds

For your shed project, we hope you choose the cheapest shed base that brings many family memories to come. You and your partner deserve to have a reliable shed that saves money for other backyard additions.

Our team carries geocell shed bases that you can also use to construct a driveway, gazebo, and more. We’d love to hop on a call and show you how geocell can save money over the long run and become an easy DIY foundation option to build a shed base.

Call our backyard specialists at (888)-897-2224 so we can hear more about your specific shed and ground conditions. We’d be glad to offer professional advice that gets your shed up as quickly as possible.