In today’s market, finding a cost-effective and long-lasting base for your backyard shed is more important than ever. Material and construction costs remain high, making it crucial to balance affordability with durability.

Exploring DIY options for your shed base can be a smart move. These methods are accessible and manageable, eliminating the need for specialized contractors or heavy machinery.

While concrete slabs are a common choice for shed bases, but they can be expensive initially or require ongoing maintenance.

Consider exploring alternative shed base options that offer longevity and cost savings. These bases are versatile, suitable for various shed types, including plastic models, and ensure long-term support and stability for your shed project.

Installing Your Shed on Soil

Placing your shed directly onto bare clay or soil might seem like a convenient and cost-saving option at first glance. However, this method overlooks the crucial impact of ground moisture, which can seep into the structure. The persistent dampness can lead to rot in wood and corrosion in metal, compromising the integrity of your shed and potentially damaging its contents over time.

The true cost of this approach becomes apparent when considering the longevity of your shed and the protection of your stored items. Investing in a robust and economical base is not only about the initial purchase price. It’s about ensuring that your shed remains sturdy and secure for years to come, providing real value and preventing unnecessary repairs or replacements.

The Top Inexpensive Shed Bases

The following foundations are the cheapest ones we’ve identified and some of the best shed bases on the market in general. They each have pros and cons depending on the ground, location, and product description.

We recommend checking all of them out to get a feel for what shed bases have to offer. Then, you can make an informed decision without wasting time or money.

FoundationCostSloped Sites
BaseCore Geocell$$Yes
PaveCore plastic paver$$$No
Timber Frame$$$No

1. BaseCore Geocell

  • Cost: BaseCore is priced at $134.95 and covers over 200 square feet, which is quite affordable compared to concrete solutions.
  • Pros: BaseCore Geocell acts like rebar to reinforce the ground, is made from thick-gauge, high-density polyethylene, and provides the strength to withstand large weight loads. It’s as permeable as gravel but avoids the high cost of concrete, making it a durable and cost-effective option that’s suitable for both large and small sheds.
  • Cons: Not explicitly listed, but as with any geocell system, proper installation and maintenance are critical to avoid issues such as underperformance in load distribution or potential misalignment.

2. PaveCore Plastic Pavers

  • Cost: PaveCore panels are priced at $99.95, which can support up to 44,000 lbs and cover a range of construction projects beyond just shed bases.
  • Pros: PaveCore offers stability, durability, and ease of installation with its unique hexagonal design. It’s eco-conscious, cost-effective, and has an easy clip-together installation process. The design prevents sinking, improves ground stability, is 100% permeable, and offers excellent load-bearing capacity. It is also designed to reduce erosion and runoff, making it suitable for both grassy and gravel areas.
  • Cons: Specific cons were not mentioned, but similar to other paver systems, if not installed properly, there might be a risk of misalignment or shifting over time, especially in areas with heavy load traffic or extreme weather conditions.

The Difficulty with Cheap Shed Bases

We’ve seen numerous clients run into issues when they install affordable shed base options rather than a gravel locker like BaseCore or PaveCore.

They end up adding more aggregate to the gravel base, see instability issues later or do resealing work on a yearly basis. Or even control pests with critters that hide between the cracks of skid and timber foundations below the shed.

It is challenging to find a shed that both is cost-friendly and lasts a lifetime, which is why we recommend geocell to our customers.

Durable & Affordable Sheds

For your shed project, we hope you choose the cheapest shed base that brings many family memories to come. You and your partner deserve to have a reliable shed that saves money for other backyard additions.

Our team carries geocell shed bases that you can also use to construct a driveway, gazebo, and more. We’d love to hop on a call and show you how geocell can save money over the long run and become an easy DIY foundation option to build a shed base.

Call our backyard specialists at (888)-897-2224 so we can hear more about your specific shed and ground conditions. We’d be glad to offer professional advice that gets your shed up as quickly as possible.