BaseCore™ Geocell

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BaseCore™ is a collapsible geo-cell typically used for roadways or military applications, but we find the same material to be effective for many areas around homes, farms and horse facilities.

The engineered structure of BaseCore™ helps spread any applied weight over a greater area.

BaseCore™ Geocell Specifications:

Cell Dimesion 11.3” x 12.6”
Cell Height 3”
Material Thickness 2.6 mm
Number of Panels 1
Square Foor per Panel 231 square feet
Expanded Size 9.4’ x 24.4’
Lifespan 100+ Lifespan

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2 reviews for BaseCore™ Geocell

  1. Avatar für Stephanie


    used this for long slope area around my barn that would always flood. Works great

  2. Avatar für Diane.n


    Perfect for our shed base. Just bought some more to extend our driveway. Very helpful people at the company to explain the product.

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