Have you ever come home from vacation and struggled to find a place to store your RV? We know that finding parking for your RV can be complicated. Preventing tire indentations in your yard and finding enough parking space can be quite the challenge. That is why you need your very own BaseCore Geocell parking pad!

What is a BaseCore Geocell Parking Pad?

BaseCore Geocell is a military-grade geocell material that provides support and structure to your desired top-layer material. BaseCore Geocell is used in many different foundations such as roads, parks, carports, and of course, RV parking pads.

BaseCore Geocell is installed under the material of your choice. This allows you to keep the landscape of your yard, and have all the benefits of a well-designed parking area!

What are Other Parking Pad Ideas?

Other parking pad options include dirt, gravel, asphalt, and concrete.
In comparison, BaseCore Geocell is the best option.


Dirt is the worst option because it erodes easily and cannot support heavy loads. Dirt parking pads can be messy to have in your yard due to mud and dust. Dirt does not require any settle time, but needs to be replenished every couple of weeks due to wet weather. Grass is another option but, unfortunately, it has the same qualities as dirt.


Gravel with no extra support is a short-term, less reliable option. Gravel requires maintenance, time to settle after installation, and cannot support heavy loads. Gravel must be resealed every 2 to 3 years, which would require maintenance and an unnecessary search for temporary RV parking.


Asphalt is another short-term and less easily maintained option. It cannot support extremely heavy loads, it requires installation of a sub-base material, and it requires maintenance. Asphalt is susceptible to potholes in winter weather, which require repair, year after year.


Concrete is a better option than gravel and asphalt because it is strong and durable. Unfortunately, concrete can be susceptible to cracking and can be very expensive. It is less cost-effective because it requires a sub-base and professional installation. Once it has been professionally installed, concrete pads require a settle time of 28 days.

How do I Know BaseCore Geocell is the Best Option for My RV Parking Pad?

Basecore Geocell is the best material for RV parking pads because it is durable, long-lasting, and easy to install!

BaseCore Geocell is very durable and can support heavy loads. Due to its flexible nature, BaseCore Geocell flexes and bends under pressure, instead of cracking and eroding.

Due to its porous nature, when paved with permeable pavers, BaseCore Geocell allows water to drain. This prevents the formation of ice and mud, and preserves good soil conditions. Although it is permeable, BaseCore Geocell provides a vapor barrier to prevent ground moisture from collecting on your RV’s underbelly.

BaseCore Geocell requires no maintenance after its easy installation process. Because of its durability and strength, BaseCore Geocell can last more than 75 years. That’s a lifetime of summer vacation!

What Should I Consider Before Building My RV Parking Pad?

Before building your BaseCore Geocell RV parking pad, you should consider a few things about your yard and your RV. Depending on the weight and size of your RV, you might want a stronger BaseCore. For larger RV’s you may want BaseCore HD Geocell because it is able to hold heavier loads. BaseCore HD Geocell is made with smaller cells to evenly distribute weight over larger areas.

When building an RV pad, you want to be sure the site is level and easy to access. Uneven RV pads can be susceptible to flooding and puddles in stormy weather. Parking your RV on an unlevel pad can also cause stress and damage to the frame and wheels.

It is also important to make sure you will be able to easily access your parking pad. Parking an RV can be difficult, especially in tighter spaces.

What do I Pave My BaseCore Geocell Parking Pad?

The best pavers for any BaseCore Geocell parking pad are permeable pavers. These include sand, brick chips, crushed rock, or angular gravel. Angular gravel is a preferable option because it is cost-effective and looks great!

How Do I Install my BaseCore Geocell RV Parking Pad?

The first step to installing your new BaseCore Geocell RV parking pad is to locate your desired parking area. A parking pad can be a good addition to any yard, depending on how much space you need.

The next step to installing your BaseCore Geocell RV parking pad is to measure your desired area. After this you are ready to order your BaseCore Geocell! On our website there are two options for ordering. You may choose to order an installation kit, or the BaseCore Geocell on its own.

The installation kit includes BaseCore, Geotextile, BaseClips, and BaseCaps.

Once you have your new BaseCore Geocell, you can begin your installation process using our simple 6-step installation guide.

Immediately after installation, your BaseCore Geocell is ready to use!

Ready to Install Your BaseCore Geocell RV Parking Pad?

If you are ready to install your new parking pad but have a few questions, we are here to help! Our team of BaseCore Geocell experts has helped with many RV parking pad projects!

Backyard Bases proudly supplies RV owners with high-quality BaseCore Geocell products designed to meet your RV storage needs. You can access our FAQ page or contact us directly for further information at (888) 897-2224.