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Do-It-Yourself Farm Mud Management Solutions

farm mud management

Have you ever wished your farm could be mud-free even after the heaviest of storms? Bad weather can bring unpleasant farm conditions which can be harmful to you and your horse and to the environment of your farm. With easy-to-install, durable BaseCore Geocell, you can be confident that your farm will be mud-free in all types of weather.

Why is Mud Problematic?

Mud can be harmful to your farm for many different reasons. It can create slick walkways, harbor bacteria, cause health issues for your horse, and much more. In addition to those concerns, mud does not make for an enjoyable day outside with your horse. Mud can be difficult to get rid of, especially in areas that are susceptible to repeated flooding, which is why mud prevention is the most important step in mud management on your farm.

What is BaseCore Geocell?

Basecore Geocell is a flexible but durable geo-cell material used in foundations for roads, buildings, parks, and many other areas to provide support and prevent erosion. BaseCore Geocell is best used when installed under another material, like arena footing or sand on your farm. In your arena, it will provide structure for your footing and will naturally drain unwanted moisture. BaseCore Geocell will also keep your walkways dry and mud-free.

Why is BaseCore Geocell the Best Solution?

Basecore Geocell is the best mud management solution because it is constructed and designed to naturally drain, it is military tested, it lasts for many years, and it is easy to install. Because of its flexible grid design, BaseCore Geocell is able to naturally drain excess water from the surface, making it impossible for mud to form.

We know finding space for ditches and other external drainage options is difficult, which is why BaseCore Geocell provides a completely underground drainage solution. BaseCore Geocell is military tested to withstand extremely heavy loads. It bends and flexes under pressure from tractors, trailers, and other farm equipment, but you can be assured that it will not break.

BaseCore Geocell is built to last more than 75 years, which means one purchase can last an entire lifetime. BaseCore Geocell is an excellent investment: it will still be serving your farm when it is your kids’ farm! BaseCore Geocell is easy to install, allowing you to create the perfect farm by yourself!

Where Should I Install BaseCore Geocell at my Farm?

BaseCore Geocell is best used in high-traffic and mud susceptible areas on your farm. This includes but is not limited to walkways to and from your barn and arena, paddocks, turnouts, your arena, and your horse’s outdoor areas. It is important to install BaseCore Geocell in areas that frequently collect moisture or are at risk of flooding, in order to prevent erosion and mud.

Since BaseCore Geocell offers support and structure for your ground or footing, it is also recommended that you install BaseCore Geocell in areas less likely to flood, such as indoor arenas or barn stalls. Installing BaseCore Geocell not only protects your arenas and walkways from flooding and mud, but also optimizes structure and use of footing in indoor and outdoor areas.

How do I Install BaseCore Geocell in my Farm?

The first step in installing your new BaseCore geocell foundation is to measure your desired installation areas. After you have measured the desired installation areas, order your needed amount of BaseCore Geocell. Once your new BaseCore Geocell has arrived, easily install it by following the six simple steps listed in our BaseCore Geocell installation guide. After installation, your farm will be mudproof and ready to enjoy during all types of weather!

Ready to Weatherproof Your Farm?

If you are ready to weatherproof your farm using BaseCore geocell but are in need of any assistance, our team of BaseCore geocell and arena footing experts is here to help!

Backyard Bases proudly supplies farm and horse owners with high quality BaseCore Geocell products designed to meet your footing and mud management needs. You can access our FAQ page or contact us directly for further information at (888) 897-2224.

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