In the quest for more sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping solutions, permeable pavers have emerged as a key player in the modern outdoor design arena. These innovative paving options not only offer aesthetic appeal but also provide essential environmental benefits, from reducing stormwater runoff to replenishing local groundwater supplies. At, we are proud to contribute to this green revolution with our leading products, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell, designed to meet your landscaping needs while respecting the planet.

The world of permeable paving is diverse, with a range of materials and designs catering to different tastes, functionalities, and environmental impacts. While options such as concrete pavers, porous asphalt, and others have their place, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell stand out for their unique blend of durability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Whether you’re planning a residential project or looking to upgrade a commercial space, understanding the wide array of permeable pavers can guide you to the best choice for your project.

This guide is your comprehensive introduction to the benefits and applications of permeable pavers, with a special focus on the standout features of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell. By exploring these options, you’ll gain insight into how these products can transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Dive into the world of permeable paving with us, and discover how can help pave the way to a greener future.

Why Permeable Pavers?

The shift towards more sustainable landscaping practices is not just a trend—it’s a necessity in today’s environmentally conscious world. Permeable pavers play a pivotal role in this shift, offering solutions that benefit both the planet and property owners. Here’s why permeable pavers are becoming a cornerstone of eco-friendly outdoor design:

Environmental Benefits:

  • Water Management: Traditional impermeable surfaces contribute to stormwater runoff, leading to erosion, water pollution, and overwhelmed drainage systems. Permeable pavers, however, allow rainwater to filter through the ground, reducing runoff and aiding in groundwater recharge.
  • Heat Reduction: Unlike asphalt or concrete, which absorb and radiate heat, permeable pavers can help reduce the “heat island” effect in urban areas, contributing to cooler surroundings.

Practical Advantages:

  • Durability and Longevity: Engineered to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions, permeable pavers offer a durable solution for driveways, patios, and walkways.
  • Low Maintenance: These pavers require less maintenance than traditional paving options, as their permeable nature prevents the accumulation of standing water and reduces the likelihood of surface damage.

Aesthetic Flexibility:

  • Permeable pavers come in various materials, shapes, and colors, offering endless design possibilities to enhance the beauty and functionality of any outdoor space.

Spotlight on PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

At, we specialize in two innovative permeable paving solutions that exemplify the best of these benefits:

  • PaveCore: Ideal for creating lush, green driveways or parking areas, PaveCore is a fixed square plastic grid system that supports grass growth while providing stable ground for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Its design promotes efficient water infiltration and oxygenation to the soil, encouraging healthy grass while offering a durable paving solution.
  • BaseCore Geocell: For areas requiring enhanced stability and erosion control, BaseCore Geocell offers an expandable plastic grid system that conforms to uneven landscapes. Its design is perfect for retaining gravel in place, making it an excellent choice for slopes, pathways, and even heavy-duty applications like commercial parking lots.

Both PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell not only align with the environmental and practical benefits of permeable pavers but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of any project. Whether you’re aiming for the natural beauty of a grass-filled surface or the neat appearance of a gravel pathway, these products offer the flexibility to achieve your landscaping goals while contributing to a healthier planet.

Exploring Your Options in Permeable Paving

When it comes to selecting permeable pavers for your landscaping project, the market offers a plethora of choices. Each type of permeable paver comes with its own set of benefits and best-use scenarios, ranging from residential driveways to commercial parking lots and public walkways. Let’s take a closer look at the various options available and how PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell fit into this diverse landscape.

A Wide Array of Choices

  • Concrete Pavers: Known for their strength and versatility, concrete permeable pavers are a popular choice for various applications. They are available in numerous styles and colors to match any landscape design.
  • Porous Asphalt: Offering a more traditional look, porous asphalt is designed to allow water to drain through the pavement and into the ground below.
  • Pervious Concrete: Similar to porous asphalt, pervious concrete provides a solid surface that lets water permeate directly through.
  • Gravel: An economical and easy-to-install option, gravel paths and driveways can also be considered permeable, though they may require more maintenance to keep the surface level and stable.
  • Natural Stone: Offering a high-end look, natural stone pavers can be laid with gaps to allow for water permeation.

While these options present a range of choices for homeowners and developers, is proud to spotlight two innovative solutions that combine eco-friendliness with superior performance and aesthetic appeal: PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell.

Spotlight on Innovation: PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

  • PaveCore: This fixed square plastic grid system is designed to be filled with soil and seeded with grass, creating a living, breathing surface that supports heavy traffic. Ideal for residential lawns, parking areas, and access roads, PaveCore allows you to maintain a green landscape without sacrificing durability or functionality.
  • BaseCore Geocell: Expanding the possibilities of landscape design, BaseCore Geocell’s expandable plastic grid system provides unparalleled stability for gravel, sand, and soil. Its design is particularly beneficial for areas prone to erosion, steep slopes, and high-traffic zones needing extra support.

By choosing PaveCore or BaseCore Geocell, you’re not only selecting a high-quality permeable paving solution; you’re also making a commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative landscape design. Both products exemplify the best practices in water management and soil stabilization, offering a long-lasting, beautiful solution for any outdoor space.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding between PaveCore, BaseCore Geocell, or other permeable paving options depends on several factors, including your project’s specific needs, aesthetic preferences, budget, and environmental considerations. While traditional materials like concrete and stone have their place, the advanced technology and eco-friendly benefits of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell set them apart as the preferred choice for modern, sustainable landscapes.

Spotlight on PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

At the heart of’s commitment to sustainable landscaping solutions are two groundbreaking products: PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell. Engineered with precision and a deep understanding of environmental and functional needs, these permeable pavers offer unmatched benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each product to discover why they might be the perfect fit for your next outdoor project.

PaveCore: The Grass Paver Revolution

PaveCore represents a leap forward in eco-friendly landscaping. Designed as a fixed square plastic grid, PaveCore is meant to be filled with soil and seeded with grass or covered with gravel, creating a robust yet permeable surface that supports heavy traffic while promoting natural water infiltration.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Conscious: Encourages water permeation and reduces runoff, aligning with sustainable landscaping practices.
  • Durability: Capable of withstanding heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, making it ideal for driveways, parking areas, and pathways.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers the beauty of natural grass with the strength of a traditional pavement, enhancing the visual appeal of any property.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Residential lawns that double as parking spaces.
  • Green driveways and parking lots for commercial properties.
  • Access roads and fire lanes where water management and aesthetics are a concern.

BaseCore Geocell: Strength Meets Flexibility

BaseCore Geocell takes the concept of permeable paving to a new level with its expandable plastic grid system. It’s designed to stabilize soils in areas prone to erosion or where additional support is needed, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility: Can be used with gravel, sand, or soil, allowing for a wide range of design options and applications.
  • Erosion Control: Provides superior stability on slopes and in areas with loose soil, preventing erosion and maintaining landscape integrity.
  • Load Distribution: Enhances the load-bearing capacity of the soil, making it suitable for high-traffic areas and heavy-duty applications.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Steep slopes and embankments where erosion control is critical.
  • Parking lots, walkways, and golf cart paths requiring enhanced stability.
  • Foundation reinforcement for structures and landscaping features.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell comes down to the specific requirements of your project. Consider factors such as the desired aesthetic, traffic levels, and the terrain of your project area. PaveCore excels in areas where the look and feel of natural grass are desired, along with durability and permeability. BaseCore Geocell, on the other hand, is the go-to choice for challenging terrains that require superior stability and erosion control.

Both PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell are testament to’s innovation in offering sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions. By integrating these products into your outdoor projects, you’re not just enhancing your space; you’re contributing to a healthier planet.

Installation Insights for Permeable Pavers

Incorporating sustainable landscaping solutions is streamlined with PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of these permeable pavers, it’s crucial to include a layer of non-woven permeable geotextile during installation. This added step helps stabilize the fill material, preventing it from mixing with the subbase and maintaining the system’s permeability and durability. Follow this updated guide to ensure a robust installation from start to finish.

Installing PaveCore: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Preparation: Clear the area of any debris, weeds, or large stones. Level the site and establish a slight gradient for effective drainage.
  • Base Layer: Apply a compacted stone base layer, usually made of crushed stone, to create a solid foundation for the PaveCore panels.
  • Geotextile Fabric: Before placing the PaveCore panels, roll out a layer of non-woven permeable geotextile fabric over the base layer. This fabric enhances stability and prevents the fill material from sinking into the subbase.
  • Positioning PaveCore: Lay the PaveCore grids on top of the geotextile fabric, ensuring they interlock properly for a continuous, stable surface.
  • Filling: Fill the grids with your chosen material—soil for seeding grass or gravel. If using soil, select a quality topsoil suitable for your grass type.
  • Seeding and Finishing: For grass applications, evenly distribute seeds across the surface. Water as necessary to promote growth. Add a final layer of fill material if needed to ensure the grids are completely covered.

Installing BaseCore Geocell: A Detailed Approach

  • Site Preparation: Remove all vegetation and debris from the site. Level the ground, paying attention to the drainage slope.
  • Base Material: Lay down a layer of crushed stone or sand and compact it to form a firm base.
  • Geotextile Fabric: Place a layer of non-woven permeable geotextile fabric over the base material. This critical step prevents the fill material within the BaseCore Geocell from mingling with the subbase, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Expanding BaseCore Geocell: Unfold and position the BaseCore Geocell panels atop the geotextile fabric. Secure them with stakes or anchors to prevent movement.
  • Filling the Cells: Fill the geocell with the selected material—gravel, sand, or soil—and compact slightly to ensure a stable, even surface.
  • Final Steps: For soil fill, proceed with planting grass or other vegetation. Ensure a smooth surface for gravel fills.

Installation Success Tips

  • Effective Drainage: Ensure the installation area is graded to direct water away from buildings and prevent pooling.
  • Quality of Materials: Opt for high-quality fill materials to maximize the performance and lifespan of your permeable paving.
  • Consult Professionals: For complex projects, seeking advice from a landscaping professional can ensure compliance with local codes and optimal installation outcomes.

Incorporating a layer of non-woven permeable geotextile into your PaveCore or BaseCore Geocell installation is a best practice that pays off in enhanced stability and durability. With these updated steps, you’re well-equipped to create sustainable, functional, and beautiful outdoor spaces that stand the test of time.

Maintenance and Care for PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

One of the many advantages of choosing PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell for your permeable paving needs is their ease of maintenance. Designed to withstand the elements and heavy use, these systems require only minimal care to keep them performing optimally. Here are some simple yet effective maintenance tips to extend the life and beauty of your permeable pavers.

Routine Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check your permeable pavement for any signs of sediment buildup or blockage in the pore spaces. Early detection of potential issues can prevent more significant problems down the line.
  • Cleaning the Surface: If you notice any debris or organic material clogging the surface, gently sweep or use a leaf blower to remove it. For PaveCore installations with grass, regular mowing, as you would with any lawn, is necessary. For areas filled with gravel, occasionally raking the surface can help maintain an even distribution of material.
  • Weed Control: While the geotextile fabric layer beneath the PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell significantly reduces weed growth, some stubborn weeds may find their way through. Manual removal or the use of eco-friendly herbicides can manage these intruders without harming the environment or the permeable surface.
  • Snow and Ice Removal: Use a plastic shovel or a snowblower to clear snow. Avoid using metal tools that could damage the surface. For ice, opt for environmentally safe de-icing products that won’t degrade the material of the pavers or harm the underlying soil.

Addressing Repairs

  • PaveCore: In the unlikely event that a section of your PaveCore surface becomes damaged or the grass health declines, it’s straightforward to lift the affected grids and repair the base or soil layer underneath. Reseeding grass in the repaired area will seamlessly integrate it back into the lawn.
  • BaseCore Geocell: Should any part of the BaseCore Geocell system become exposed or dislodged, reposition the cells and refill as needed. The modular nature of the product makes it easy to address specific areas without disrupting the entire installation.

Long-Term Care

  • Periodic Refilling: Over time, some settling of the fill material in both PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell systems may occur. Adding more gravel or soil and reseeding grass areas will keep the surface level and functional.
  • Professional Assessment: Consider having a professional landscaper or installer periodically assess your permeable pavement. They can provide expert advice on any needed maintenance or adjustments to ensure the longevity of your installation.

Maintaining your PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell permeable pavements is straightforward and requires minimal effort. By following these simple maintenance tips, you can enjoy the environmental and aesthetic benefits of your sustainable landscaping for years to come. Regular care not only preserves the functionality and appearance of your permeable pavers but also contributes to a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Cost and Value Analysis: PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell vs. Other Permeable Paving Solutions

When it comes to sustainable landscaping, the choice of permeable paving solutions is critical, not just for environmental impact but also for overall cost-effectiveness and value. PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell emerge as innovative options in this category. Understanding their cost relative to other permeable pavers can guide homeowners and developers in making informed investment decisions.

Initial Costs and Comparison

  • Initial Investment: The upfront cost of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell encompasses the materials, site preparation, and installation. While these may present a higher initial investment compared to some traditional and other permeable options, they offer distinct advantages in durability, maintenance, and environmental benefits. Compared to other permeable solutions like porous concrete, gravel, or traditional pavers, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell often provide a more cost-effective solution when considering their longevity and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Comparative Costs: Traditional permeable solutions such as porous asphalt or previous concrete typically have lower material costs but may require more extensive ongoing maintenance and replacement. Gravel and natural stone, while offering permeability, can shift and require regular upkeep to maintain stability and aesthetics. In contrast, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell are designed for long-term stability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and replenishment.

Long-Term Savings and Efficiency

  • Maintenance and Durability: The design of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell ensures a reduction in maintenance costs over time. Their durability and resistance to weather and traffic wear reduce the need for replacements. This contrasts with materials like gravel, which may require regular top-ups, and porous asphalt, which can degrade faster under heavy use.
  • Water Management: Effective stormwater management is a hidden cost saver. By mitigating the need for elaborate drainage systems and potentially lowering stormwater fees, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell offer financial benefits over alternatives that may not manage water as efficiently.

Enhancing Property Value and Compliance Benefits

  • Property Value: Sustainable and visually appealing landscape features, such as those achievable with PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell, can increase property values more significantly than many conventional paving methods. This advantage is often overlooked in initial cost comparisons but can be a crucial factor in the overall value proposition.
  • Regulatory Compliance: With increasing regulations on stormwater management, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell provide a compliance edge over some permeable options that may not meet future standards, thereby avoiding potential retrofitting costs.

Success Stories and Applications of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

The transformative power of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell is best illustrated through the success stories of those who have implemented these solutions in their landscaping projects. From residential driveways to commercial parking lots and public parks, these permeable pavers have demonstrated their value across a variety of applications. Here are some highlights that showcase their versatility and impact.

Residential Driveways and Gardens

  • The Green Driveway Makeover: A homeowner in a suburban neighborhood chose PaveCore for their driveway renovation project. The goal was to reduce runoff and maintain a green aesthetic. Within months, the grass-filled driveway not only enhanced the home’s curb appeal but also contributed to local groundwater recharge, earning accolades from the community for its eco-friendly approach.
  • Garden Pathways with a Purpose: Another success story involves the use of BaseCore Geocell to stabilize garden pathways in a high-traffic community garden. The paths, filled with crushed stone, have remained stable and permeable, reducing muddy conditions and enhancing accessibility year-round, demonstrating the durability and functionality of the geocell system.

Commercial Parking Lots

Sustainable Parking Solutions: A business park opted for BaseCore Geocell to overhaul its vast parking area. The project’s aim was to manage stormwater more effectively while providing a durable surface for daily use. The resulting installation not only improved the area’s drainage, reducing the risk of flooding but also supported the park’s green initiatives, showcasing the commercial applicability of BaseCore Geocell.

Public Spaces and Parks

  • Urban Park Revitalization: An urban park used PaveCore to create permeable walkways and seating areas. This application allowed rainwater to nourish the surrounding greenery, contributing to the park’s sustainability goals. The project served as a model for integrating functional, eco-friendly design in public spaces, enhancing the community’s enjoyment and interaction with the natural environment.

Agricultural and Erosion Control

  • Erosion Prevention on Rural Roads: In a rural area prone to erosion, BaseCore Geocell was deployed along farm access roads to prevent soil displacement and improve stability. The project significantly reduced maintenance needs and ensured reliable access for agricultural operations, highlighting BaseCore Geocell’s effectiveness in erosion control applications.

The Impact

These success stories underscore the adaptability and effectiveness of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell in addressing a wide range of challenges, from aesthetic and environmental concerns to functional and structural requirements. By choosing these innovative permeable paving solutions, project owners not only achieve their immediate objectives but also contribute to broader environmental sustainability goals.

The applications of PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell are as diverse as the landscapes they enhance. Each project, whether aiming for aesthetic appeal, environmental sustainability, or structural integrity, benefits from the unique attributes these solutions offer. As more individuals and organizations adopt permeable paving solutions, the cumulative impact on water management, ecosystem health, and community well-being continues to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell

Incorporating permeable paving solutions into your landscaping projects can raise questions about functionality, suitability, and maintenance. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell.

What are the primary benefits of using PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell?

They offer a range of benefits, including enhanced stormwater management, reduced erosion, increased durability for high-traffic areas, aesthetic versatility, and environmental sustainability. They are designed to support heavy loads, promote natural water infiltration, and are suitable for various applications from residential to commercial and environmental projects.

How do PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell contribute to environmental sustainability?

These permeable paving solutions allow rainwater to permeate through the surface, reducing runoff and promoting groundwater recharge. This process helps to filter pollutants, decrease the heat island effect in urban areas, and can support local flora.

Can PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell be used in cold climates?

Yes, both are suitable for use in cold climates. They are designed to withstand freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or shifting, making them an excellent choice for areas that experience severe winter conditions. Proper installation, including correct grading and the use of appropriate fill materials, ensures their effectiveness and longevity in cold weather.

How are PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell installed?

Installation involves preparing the site by clearing debris and leveling the ground, laying a non-woven permeable geotextile fabric, placing the PaveCore or BaseCore Geocell panels, securing them in place, and then filling them with the chosen material (soil, gravel, or sand). The process is straightforward and can be completed by DIY enthusiasts or professional landscapers.

What maintenance is required for PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell installations?

Maintenance is minimal and includes periodic inspections to ensure there’s no clogging or sediment buildup, removing debris, and occasional refilling of the cells if necessary. For PaveCore installations with grass, regular lawn care such as mowing and watering is required. These simple maintenance steps help extend the life and maintain the functionality of the permeable paving.

Are there any limitations to where PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell can be used?

While PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell are highly versatile, their suitability depends on the specific requirements of a project, including load-bearing needs, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences. Consulting with a professional can help determine the best application for your project, ensuring that the chosen solution meets your needs effectively.

How do these products compare in cost to traditional paving solutions?

Initially, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell may have a higher upfront cost compared to some traditional paving materials. However, their long-term value lies in reduced maintenance costs, durability, and environmental benefits, such as improved water management and reduced runoff. When these factors are considered, permeable paving solutions often prove to be a cost-effective choice over time.

Next Steps to Permeable Pavers

As we’ve explored throughout this guide, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell stand out as innovative and sustainable solutions for a wide range of landscaping and infrastructure projects. Their environmental benefits, durability, and aesthetic versatility make them ideal choices for anyone looking to enhance outdoor spaces while contributing positively to the environment.

Recap of Key Benefits

  • Environmental Sustainability: By facilitating natural water infiltration and reducing runoff, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell contribute to healthier ecosystems and improved stormwater management.
  • Durability and Versatility: Designed to withstand heavy traffic and diverse weather conditions, these solutions offer long-lasting stability for various applications, from residential driveways to commercial parking lots.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With the ability to integrate green spaces into urban areas, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell help create visually appealing landscapes that blend functionality with natural beauty.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re inspired to incorporate PaveCore or BaseCore Geocell into your next project, here’s how to get started:

  • Research and Planning: Consider the specific requirements of your project, including the area size, expected traffic, and aesthetic goals. Use the information provided in this guide to determine which product best suits your needs.
  • Consultation: Reach out to professionals or the team at for expert advice on product selection, installation tips, and any customization options that might enhance your project.
  • Implementation: Whether you decide to undertake the installation as a DIY project or hire professionals, ensure you follow the recommended steps for preparation, installation, and maintenance to achieve the best results.
  • Maintenance: Adopt the straightforward care practices outlined in this guide to maintain the functionality and appearance of your permeable paving over time.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial developer, or a municipal planner, PaveCore and BaseCore Geocell offer compelling solutions for creating sustainable, functional, and beautiful outdoor spaces. By choosing these permeable paving options, you’re not only investing in the longevity and aesthetics of your property but also contributing to a more sustainable and water-wise future.