Permeable materials are a great way to protect the environment while creating a more aesthetic and natural look for your project. They are commonly used to create eco-friendly driveways and walkways. Read on to learn what permeable pavers for driveways are and how you can get started to create a more sustainable home.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are an environmentally friendly option for landscaping projects. They are constructed from interlocking pavers or permeable materials. Spaces in between the material allow water to flow through as it would with natural land.

Most commonly, they used permeable pavers for driveways and pathways. They can be made from many different materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Rolled Pavers (NDS EZ-Roll)

Rolled pavers are installed beneath the surface of your project to create additional strength and stability for your project. They are typically pre-assembled rolls that are placed underneath the final ground-level permeable material.

Rolled Pavers are less expensive to maintain than traditional hard landscaping. They create enough support for the permeable material for your project to give it the same strength as traditional concrete.

Geocell Pavers (LSG & EGA)

Similar to rolled pavers, geocell pavers increase load-bearing capacity and ground control. Geocell pavers can be used to control erosion, stop mud, prevent sinkage, and more. They are installed beneath the surface material to control the environment and provide additional support.

There are many uses for geocell pavers, including for driveways and pathways. They can be installed under grass, permeable concrete, permeable pavers, and other materials to create a solid and level surface.

Gravel Pavers

Gravel pavers are specialty constructed from small stones to create additional support and load-bearing capacity than loose gravel. Gravel is rolled by heavy machinery to produce a more compact and stable product. Gravel pavers can be installed the same way as rolled or geocell pavers to create a permeable surface.

Gravel Driveways

One of the most popular types of permeable driveways is gravel driveways. It is easy to install and cheaper than many other permeable materials. Gravel driveways and walkways have no frequent maintenance or cleaning needs. The only upkeep costs associated with gravel driveways are costs to replace stones that have been tracked away from your path with use.

Gravel is one of the cheapest options for permeable materials, as it can be locally sourced. This can cut down expenses associated with shipping and traveling.

Gravel is also a very eco-friendly option. The spaces between each piece of loose stone allow water to easily run through the pathway into the underlying ground.

Grass Driveways

For newly constructed driveways, they might begin as grass driveways. Leaving naturally growing grass as part of your driveway is an excellent way to demonstrate a natural-looking feel to your home. It is common to add a pathway in a grass driveway or walkway. Permeable stone, permeable concrete, and gravel are all popular options.

Permeable Concrete and Asphalt

If you’re looking for a sustainable material with a more traditional look, permeable concrete or asphalt might be a good option for your project. These materials are manufactured to look like traditional concrete or asphalt while allowing water to pass through the surface.

If you have a Home Owner’s Association or are seeking a classic look for your driveway or walkway, these permeable options may be a good choice.

Benefits of Permeable Pavers

There are many reasons why permeable pavers for driveways are a more environmentally conscious option. Most notably, their ability to absorb rainwater and runoff back into the ground helps water to recollect in the underground water table.

Additionally, being able to let water pass through its surface helps control flooding and reduce runoff. Because of this benefit, you may be entitled to have your permeable paver project subsidized by the government.

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